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Lesson Planning


Introduction to Career Planning
A 4-Step Process

Tell Me About Yourself!
People Bingo
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Your Future Fantasy

Step 1

Who I Am and How I Work Best

Work Values Inventory
The Party
Career Path Assessment
Personality Mosaic
Academic Majors and the Holland Code
Career Interests and ROP Courses
Transferable/Technical Skills Inventory
Multiple Intelligences Checklist
Student Multiple Intelligence PowerPoint

Characteristics Inventory

Career Pathway Exploration
Researching Career Options
Summary Worksheet of "Who I am and How I Work Best"

Step 2

Understanding Career Choices and Educational/Training Options

SCANS Worksheet
Career Exploration on the Internet/Labor Market Trends
Career Interview
Why You Need an Education and Training
Why Should People Go To College?
Researching Career Options
Career Pathway Exploration
Choices: Education/Training Checklist
Education/Training Comparison worksheet 
Post Secondary Training Options Vocabulary Quiz

Step 3

Preparing for the World of Work

Informational Interviews and worksheet
Career Panel worksheet
Resume Survey
Tips for Writing Your Resumes
Resume Helpers
Resume Template
Sample Resumes
How to Write a Cover Letter
Quintessential Careers Job Interviewing Quiz
Dos and Don'ts of Job Interviews
Typical Interview Questions
Tips to Answering Interview Questions

Step 4

Designing a Personal Career Action Plan

Decision Making Confidence Survey
Decision Making Tip Sheet
Common Decision Making Mistakes
Setting a S.M.A.R.T. Goal
Career Action Plan
Career Planning Final Project
Career Planning Final Project Evaluation