ROP Student Portfolio

Every year, hundreds of students througout the county participate in the ROP Portfolio Contest.

The first round consists of a winner from each participating course. The winners of each class will then be scored by a panel after a mock job interview and review of their portfolio

In the second round, class finalists compete against all other winners within each of the 15 Industry Sectors. Portfolios are brought to the COE where a panel chooses the best portfolios for each sector.

ROP holds a Celebration in late May to celebrate all participants, announce sector champions and the overall winner.

All ROP Students are expected to build a career portfolio and are encouraged to compete in the ROP Portfolio Contest.

Portfolio Handbook (pdf)

Scoring Rubric (word)    (pdf)

Judges Letter (pdf)

Parent Review (word)    (pdf)

Dates to Remember

May 9 - South County at Pajaro Valley HS from 5:00-6:00PM

May 18 - North County at Harbor High School from 5:00-6:00PM

Portfolio Timeline

  • Sept: Job Application Month
  • Oct: Resume Month
  • Nov: Cover Letter Month
  • Dec: Assign Letter of Rec
  • Jan: Design Portfolio Cover
  • Feb: Type References
  • March: Put Together Work Samples
  • April: Table of Contents, Choose Class Winner